„We all deserve to lead joyful, purposeful and fulfilling lives. We are meant to. And that is absolutely attainable if we only turn to our inner world, our purpose and potential.

What we are really good at, what is our gift, our contribution to the world, our reason for being here. Amazingly, discovering that also brings us true joy, a sense of direction and a fuel to create our meaning. The incredible journey starts inwards with each one of us while the outer transformation never ends.

Companies that are invested in gaining clarity and focus on their organization's purpose and strategically linking their people to it, would have the power to leverage their employees' potential by turning their drive into true inspiration and passion

Breaking through limiting beliefs, setting powerful goals, amending old patterns, changing perceptions, utilizing endless amount of internal resources, gaining control over your mind, living consciously - this is all at your fingertips. I can only show you how to find them, if you are ready to start looking.

Enhanced performance, increased achievement and improved self-actualization are only part of the outcome, you gain as much as you give. Our biggest illusion is that we have time so there is no better moment to start than righ now! 

This is the example we set for our children and that becomes our legacy. And so with 7Elements I'm on a mission to support people gain clarity and boost their confidence to create their best.”

~ Nadia Tsvetanova, Founder, 7Elements Consulting


Focusing on the inner world, using neuroscience models, encouraging mindfulness and self-awareness, transforming teams into thriving individuals working in cohesiveness and synergy.


Not only doing what we love but knowing what we love is a major contributor to our happiness and fulfillment as humans. Creating an interesting and engaging environment that nurtures creativity and authenticity. Together we rediscover the satisfaction of our professions so our work becomes pure play.


Experiential approach to learning so attained insights and knowledge become habits and skills. Remaining curious and always seeking our light and power to develop and grow will bring a new level of empowerment and strive for more.


A community is driven by higher or overarching goals and values (purpose), away from the day-to-day business goals that individuals pursue. If we help each other together to become better collectively, we will succeed more than people working on their own alone ever could.

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from our clients

I had the pleasure of working exclusively with Nadia for the past 10 years and my experience was very much a positive one. Nadia’s professionalism was refreshing and I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again. 7Š•lements Consulting brings you international best practices with strong business and pragmatic local knowledge, that help any organization or company to introduce innovative approach to its Human Resources Programs.  The professionalism of their interactions reflect how much they value the customers' relationship and experience.

Emil Gergov, Project Manager, KBC Group

Recently I was going through difficult and challenging times in my professional life. I started the coaching adventure with Nadia without understanding of what to expect at all. She helped me learn how to step back, pause and observe my own professional growth from a distance and ask myself if I am happy enough in my current reality.
She was mentoring and leading me trough this process with patience, empathy and consistency. Nadia is a wise professional who showed great expertise during the whole coaching process. She is not only a mentor, but also a friend and a person you can trust and rely on. While focusing fully on my personal growth, she supported me find my deepest values and empowered me to achieve my goals.
I would recommend her to anyone who wants to get out of their head and take action.

Antoniya Ilieva, Account Manager, Booking.com


"I see you, and by seeing you, I bring you into being."

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