About Us

7Elements exist to support organizations and individuals solve problems, overcome challenges, achieve goals and reach true transformation. Complex issues do not necessarily need complex methodology or solution and we are here to enable growth, development and awareness. We take a step back to the basics only to be able to aim again, only higher and farther this time. We offer a holistic approach and we bring simplicity by focusing on the root-cause rather than the symptoms, delivering timely results.

Instant gratification, short-term thinking and boosting immediate results have heavily damaged our ability to realize that the emphasis needs to be on the individuals as the indisputable core entity in all organizations but also the crucial and integral part of the future of work. 

We believe that going forward, thriving organizations and individuals will be those that seize the opportunity to find their inner purpose, connecting with their core and building on the strong foundation of self-awareness and empathy. As that is the needed balancing act in the era of digitization and ambiguity – a more humane approach to our new reality.

While the list of experts, trainers, supporters, volunteers and enablers is growing as we write this, our main energy driver and inspiration source remains our founder - the biggest optimist and believer in the goodness of people, Nadia Tsvetanova.

With over 10 years of corporate experience in the People and Culture sphere, Nadia has always believed that nothing will bring the good in people to the surface faster than when we simply focus on it. And that has become her mission – supporting people find a glimpse of their sparkle amidst the chaos of the modern world. “We need to fall silent often enough to be able to hear what truly matters.” she says.

And that is what 7Elements stands for - seeing pople first in a life of balance and integration of the science of achievement and the art of fullfilment. As human beings we interpret, perceive and interact with our surroundings through our senses, hence the 7Elements:

  • Sight (Vision)
  • Hearing (Auditory)
  • Smell (Olfactory)
  • Taste (Gustatory)
  • Touch (Tactile)
  • Vestibular (Movement): movement and balance sense, which gives is information about where our head and body are in space
  • Proprioception (Body position): the bodyawareness sense, which tell us where our body parts are relative to each other; it also gives us information about how much force to use, allowing us to do something like crack an egg while not crushing it in our hands,

all very importan parts of the puzzle creating our reality. See, we all know that we have different filters assisting us in making sense of the world but very few know what those are or even less how to change them for a more happy, fulfilled and purposeful life. Better awareness, leads to better choices which result in better outcomes.

Freedom, empowerment and growth come at the cost of resilience, persistence and responsibility. The devil is in the details, they say and likewise the dose makes the poison, hence we will support you discover all the needed ingredients (in you and others) and how to use them in just the right amounts.

Small steps now, no regrets tomorrow!

Dare to dream big. Brave to start small. Trust us with the process.

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