I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t benefit from life coaching. In today’s world we have very little time to dedicate to ourselves, reflect, plan and focus on what is important to us. The time with Nadia has been truly transforming in many aspects. Our sessions have been insightful, and I have managed to shift from being a mere spectator to fully taking charge of the direction my life is going in. Nadia is highly professional and deeply cares about helping people bring a positive change to their lives.

Jenny Farenden, Head of Franchise Marketing


An intelligent young woman, with a lot of energy, enthusiasm and ambition in her work. She does not spare any effort nor persistence until things come about in the best way possible, not only in the workplace, but in life in general. True believer in the goodness of people. A valuable quality that is not very common in our time. She makes no compromises with the high level of service offered. Endlessly seeking to learn and develop herself as she is always looking to offer innovative approaches and creative solutions to her clients. She has a very precise assessment of various situations and individuals, able to understand the specific needs of each and find the right path and motivation to achieve the set goals. I would work with her again with pleasure, any time!

Kaloyan Todorov, Manager office Sofia, Sofia Ins Broker Ltd.


I am delighted that I had the chance to start this journey with Nadia. Each conversation with her helped me to reflect on different aspects of my work and life. She supported me with ideas and invaluable feedback on planning and successfully implementing changes in order to achieve my goals. Thank you for your support and guidance! :)

Avgustina Davidkova, Performance Marketing Manager

Thank you for the positive vibes you sent us! We appreciate your professional approach in each of the steps in the training period and the follow-up after the session. It was a pleasure for us working together. Hope to see you again 🍀

Plamena Dicheva, Sales Executive at Sealand - a Maersk Company


Recently I was going through difficult and challenging times in my professional life. I started the coaching adventure with Nadia without understanding of what to expect at all. She helped me learn how to step back, pause and observe my own professional growth from a distance and ask myself if I am happy enough in my current reality.
She was mentoring and leading me trough this process with patience, empathy and consistency. Nadia is a wise professional who showed great expertise during the whole coaching process. She is not only a mentor, but also a friend and a person you can trust and rely on. While focusing fully on my personal growth, she supported me find my deepest values and empowered me to achieve my goals.
I would recommend her to anyone who wants to get out of their head and take action.

Antoniya Ilieva, Account Manager, Booking.com



Working with Nadia has been always an adventurе! 

She is a 'batteries included' kind of person, the one with a sharp eye on the details and at the same time creative, spontaneous and empathic. She always has a game plan, the big picture, the story behind the scenes. I would say she is a visionary in what she is doing, a strong believer, an inspirational and passionate speaker and one of the few persons in my life with the wittiest sense of humor.

What you can expect from her: punctuality, added value, professionalism.

Desislava Dzhipova, Managing Director, The Social Teahouse



Some HR experts have dramatic levels of insight. They just ‘get it’. Nadia is a wonderful advisor and I can certainly speak to her character that I have witnessed over the many years of working together. She holds the highest of standards and integrity all the while being approachable and engaging. Her passion for what she does is unmatched and is exhibited very easily in conversation. She is always looking for ways to support and add value wherever she can. I look forward to opportunities to incorporate her into future ventures and you should too. You won’t regret it.

Georgi Budakov, Managing Director, Global IT Center, Bulgaria



I have had the pleasure to work with Nadia for almost 2 years. Throughout this experience, she was my manager, my coach, and my friend. Her professionalism and objective judgement have won my trust from the start. She is quite flexible with her approach and customises it according to the person she is working with. I have seen her work and come to an agreement with people totally on the opposite side and in the end, the final result is always win-win. Attending sessions with Nadia was one of the most refreshing experiences in time of crisis. Her energy is a never-ending resource that Nadia shares generously with those who she works with. She showed me that learning is a constant journey. This is why a recommend her as the right consultant for any company or a coach to any person.

Yoanna Dimova, HR & Admin Manager, Fantastic Services



I had the pleasure of working exclusively with Nadia for the past 10 years and my experience was very much a positive one. Nadia’s professionalism was refreshing and I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again. 7Еlements Consulting brings you international best practices with strong business and pragmatic local knowledge, that help any organization or company to introduce innovative approach to its Human Resources Programs.  The professionalism of their interactions reflect how much they value the customers' relationship and experience.

Emil Gergov, Project Manager, KBC Group


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