We believe that the individual always has the answer to their own problems and when he/she understands that, they may need help to find the answer. Hence we are here to unlock a person’s full potential to maximise their own performance, tackle the challenges and achieve their personal and/or professional goals. 

People and Culture Consultation

With over a decade of business experience in the sphere of People and Culture, we will support you through the growth and transformation of your business while building solid foundations of People and Culture policies and practices for a sustainable future.

Experiential Trainings

From effective communication through team motivation to sales mastery, tell us your WHY and our team of problem solvers will contact you with more details of a training that fits your needs.

Creative workshops 

Research shows that our brains cannot really shut off completely the way we need them to in order to be able to relieve the stress and tension of everyday busyness. Therefore, we have created our unique workshops where though craftsmanship your mind will be occupied with just enough to enable you to push aside intrusive thoughts of your daily routine and indulge in the moment, surrendering to your senses while exploring your inner world.

Signature 7Elements Leadership Program 

As Skye Schooley has said: "Employees who work with great leaders tend to be more happier, more productive and more connected to their organizaion - and this has a ripple effect that reaches your business's bottom line." In our 7Elements Signature Leadership Program we support people grow into leaders that motivate and inspire.


A team works together better if indviduals learn how to play together too. Our creative and interactive teambuilding events will get you out of your comfort zone and going back to the basics of perceiving the world through our senses for more authentic and genuine experiences and relationships.


"Power off to be able to power through” is the motto of our retreats. We belive that unplugging and getting grounded in the present moment will also enbale for reconnecting to our true motivators, our WHYs. For namely that alignment and awareness enable access to relentelss internal energy, power, strenght, creativity and focus. We break free from any inhibitions and come out brave enought to once again be the best versions of ourselves.

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