"Power off to be able to power through” is the motto of our retreats. We belive that unplugging and getting grounded in the present moment will also enbale for reconnecting to our true motivators, our WHYs. For namely that alignment and awareness enable access to relentelss internal energy, power, strenght, creativity and focus. We break free from any inhibitions and come out brave enought to once again be the best versions of ourselves.

Our retreats take us to nature where we practice mindfulness by relearning to engage our senses. We take note of the filters we use to perceive the world and reframe our thoughts to change our lives. We commit to further development and growth by a powerful reset.

Limited seats are available in each retreat to allow for more meaningful and personal relationships and interactions between participants but also for an ultimate mindful experience.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our retreats are organized on demand in small private groups. If you'd like to be part of this amazing experience, please use the contact form below.

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